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Sclerotherapy represents the method commonly used to treat the tiny & smaller veins by injecting chemicals which causes chemical burn of the vein wall and leads to closure of the vein. Some veins may open after a period of time and will need repeat injections.  When treating medium size or large veins with sclerotherapy, it is not uncommon to have staining of the skin for short or long periods of time. So for such veins when they are bulging (too close to skin) removal of such veins ambulatory phlebectomy may be recommended.

For spider veins, these are best treated by eliminating any directly feeding vein at deeper levels and then injecting these with sclerosing agent. Compression stocking for a few days help closing veins with minimal trapped blood inside. Besides using sclerotherapy for spider veins, other methods include cutaneous laser and vein gogh. These are best used for the tiny spider veins and yield good results.

Sclerosant: a chemical agent used to inject in the veins to cause closure of the vein and eventual absorption. The commonest used is a detergent. Such chemicals can be used in liquid or foam formats. They are often injected under direct vision without the aid of vein light or ultrasound guidance. In some veins, deep and not bulging, may need the aid of these tools.

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