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Doppler & Duplex Ultrasound

The ultrasound is done by a qualified full time and well trained technologist at the Vein Care Center. It is designed to study the veins of the lower extremity. We map the distribution of veins in most patients and it helps identifying:

  1. the detailed anatomy of the larger veins
  2. discover unusual distribution of veins (in 20% of population)
  3. detects the presence of venous reflux (reversed flow against the normal direction of blood flow).

A detailed initial ultrasound mapping is very essential in our practice to plan the best treatments and safest outcomes. Study is usually done with patient standing. It last about 30-60 min for each leg in most patients.

We recommend looking for unusual anatomy to find out any issues in the distribution of veins. Some varicose veins originate in the pelvis (e.g. partial blockage).

Deep veins are checked for presence of clots, blockage and abnormal reflux. Large perforator veins, with unusually long reflux are identified and localized carefully. This proved to be a very important part in our treatment with sclerotherapy. Extra attention is paid here to avoid DVT complication.

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