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Understanding Vasculature

Posted by: Vein Care Center on 1/31/2018 12:00:00 AM

Before jumping into complicated topics with the veins and the importance of health with veins and arteries, we are going to briefly explain vasculature.

Vasculature is defined as the arrangement of blood vessels in the body, or within an organ. Blood vessels is defined as the component of the circulatory system, such as an artery, capillary, or vein that carries blood.

Breaking it down even further, an artery is a blood vessel conveying blood away from the heart, a capillary is any of the small blood vessels that connects arteries to veins, and a vein is a blood vessel that transports blood from the capillaries back to the heart.

It is important to keep all these things healthy, to have a healthy heart and live a healthy life. Now that you know the definitions and maybe understand them a little more we will be taking a look at how to keep them healthy in later blogs.

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