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Hot Summer Sun and Venous Problems

Posted by: Vein Care Center on 5/16/2018 12:00:00 AM

Everyone loves summer but the high temperatures can cause your veins to dilate and increase swelling and discomfort. The summer time can bring about an increase in skin sensitivity along with itching, tenderness, and rashes. 

There are a lot of factors affecting veins that are out of our control such as gender and age, however there are ways to protect your legs in the summer. For starters, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is very important to decreasing the stress that can accompany the heat in causing vein problems. Exercising or swimming later on the day can also help to relieve any venous swelling that occurred in the morning.  Some other tips that might help include staying as cool as possible, as well as staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. You should also keep your legs elevated when possible and wear compression stockings when you can. 

We understand that you can’t just completely avoid the hot summer temperatures and you want to enjoy the summer days as much as anyone. Don’t be afraid to do so, however, maintain caution. Take breaks when you need to, get in the water, drink water and never hesitate to make an appointment if you have any uncertainties or questions about symptoms.

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